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CAHPS & Member Experience

Satisfaction, powered by data.

Making CAHPS actionable

  • 5 of 8

    Average CAHPS measures improved annually

  • 7 of 9

    Members accurately predicted as negative or positive respondents

  • 45 days

    Implementation time

Take control of CAHPS

  • Make CAHPS actionable and transparent by identifying each member’s likely CAHPS response and whether they’re likely to respond to a CAHPS survey if they’re targeted.
  • AI & machine learning-driven risk scores for every member in the plan, for every CAHPS measure.
  • Identify who is likely to be a negative OR positive respondent in order to craft an intelligent and meaningful CAHPS improvement strategy.

Population profiling dashboard

  • View CAHPS hotspots across multiple dimensions including members, contracts, providers, zip codes, demographics, social determinants, utilization, appeals, complaints, and more.
  • No mock-survey data? No problem. Our CAHPS survey response database consisting of 2 million identified member surveys enables us to match like-members within populations to make accurate and reliable predictions.

Forecast engagement needs

  • Our CAHPS Outreach Optimizer models the number of members you’ll need to outreach to per contract, per measure, within each campaign channel to achieve results.
  • Preserve plan outreach resources, decrease member abrasion, and guide your team to Star success with a cohesive engagement strategy that will move the needle across measures.
Opus Segment Studio

Activate outreach with ease

  • Engagement on-demand Leapfrog the internal or vendor analytics queue. Generate your campaign lists in minutes using Opus, our member engagement suite.

  • Own your campaign lists Filter using hundreds of filterable attributes, including AI/ML risk predictions, and barriers to care.

  • Hit your targets Gain the ability to build lists in minutes that directly align with specific Star measure goals.

Outreach with impact

  • Through propensity to engage modeling, discover which members are likely to respond to which communication channels within your arsenal. Is the member most likely to respond to a letter? A text message? Are they even likely to respond to a CAHPS survey? We can tell you.
  • Gain access to our team of linguists on staff to craft persona-based messaging across all mediums that directly address drivers of dissatisfaction and align with your brand’s voice.


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