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CAHPS & Member Experience

Satisfaction, powered by data.

Congratulations to a few of our 2024 CAHPS achievers!

Take control of CAHPS.

  • Use AI & Machine Learning to predict CAHPS survey behavior and response propensity for every member and every CAHPS measure.
  • Identify your positive and negative responders across the entire population and create action plans to address the issues cultivating negative CAHPS responses.

Forecast engagement needs.

  • Optimization Engine identifies and targets the segment of your membership that will yield maximum CAHPS and member experience impact. Use our ROI tools to determine the ROI of reaching out the to next hundred, thousand, or ten thousand members.
  • Preserve your teams’ time, decrease abrasion, and guide your team to Star success with a cohesive engagement strategy that will move the needle.

Outreach with impact.

  • Intelligently select channels that maximize the likelihood of impacting each member by leveraging channel-specific propensity to engage modeling. Is the member most likely to respond to a letter? A text message? We can tell you.
  • Gain access to linguistic experts that craft persona-based multi-modal messaging. Directly address drivers of dissatisfaction and align outreach with your own brand’s voice.

Powerful engagement tools.

Web-based applications to make your job easier and your impact greater.

Become CAHPS-centric.

  • Deploy just-in-time CAHPS outreaches, targeting members that are likely negative responders, those that are likely positive responders, and are likely to respond to the official CAHPS survey if targeted.
  • Integrate CAHPS into all member touch points to deploy an integrated CAHPS outreach strategy that elevates the member experience.

Profile your population.

  • View the members, contracts, providers, zip codes, demographics, social determinants, appeals, complaints, and more associated with low & high CAHPS ratings across your membership.
  • Forgo mock CAHPS surveys. Our benchmark database consisting of over 2 million identified CAHPS responses enables you to predict the likely CAHPS behavior at the member-level, based on alike characteristics to members from alternative Medicare Advantage plans.

Engage providers.

Identify and collaborate with providers who have the most impact on your CAHPS performance.

Normalize Member Experience Leverage the expertise of our CAHPS experts to customize and integrate CAHPS and Member Experience measurement into your provider performance programs.

Access In-Depth Reporting Provide actionable print-ready branded reporting year-round. Educate providers on emerging CAHPS issues within their panels and highlight opportunities to engage members.


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