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Engaging Members. Impacting Outcomes.

Need to move the needle? In Outcomes? Quality? Retention? Satisfaction?  Decision Point moves the needle. Lower avoidable utilization. Better compliance. Less churn. Happier members.  We empower health plans to understand and engage the whole member, generating sustained behavior change and improved outcomes.

Our Solutions

  • Decision Point for Medicare

  • Decision Point for Medicaid

  • Decision Point for Exchange

  • Retention & Satisfaction Solutions

  • Quality Improvement Solutions

  • Medication Adherence Solutions

  • Care Management Solutions

Delivering Outcomes

Improved Retention

20-25% reduction

in voluntary disenrollment annually and delivering a 20 to 1+ ROI

Better HEDIS

8-20% improvement

in HEDIS annually through proactive targeting, pinpoint timing and segmentation

Lower Readmissions

25% reduction

in readmissions annually by targeting and getting in front of the index admission