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HEDIS & Adherence

Fewer headaches, fewer open gaps.

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Simplify engagement.

Building out an effective HEDIS engagement strategy can be complicated. Our centralized platform and proven gap-closure methodologies take the stress and complexities out of the equation.

We deliver...

Custom, multi-measure campaign building solutions driven by machine learning to ensure you’re moving the needle on HEDIS.

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Tailored approach.

Members are unique and complex. To close gaps effectively, plan communications must align with each member’s clinical/social profile, predicted HEDIS behavior, as well as their likelihood to respond to certain channels and language. Through communication propensity modeling and barrier specific scripting, we help our clients deliver the right message to the right member at the right time.

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Maximize return.

We combine a broad spectrum of data inputs to craft an informed engagement strategy that puts quality performance first. Close more gaps and maximize return on campaign investment, getting you closer to your quality goals with less.

Quality performance, improved.

  • 8 - 15%

    Cancer Screening Rates

  • 6 - 11%

    Comprehensive Diabetic Care

  • 12 - 18%

    Access Measures

  • 4 - 8%

    Prenatal and Postpartum Care

OPUS member profile.


An actionable member summary that supercharges engagement.

OurOpus Member Profile delivers an at-a-glance view of a member’s historical experiences and predicted future behavior, enabling health plans to rapidly understand and act upon critical intelligence.

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