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CAHPS & Retention

Satisfaction, powered by data.

Take control of CAHPS.

CAHPS should no longer be left to chance. We leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to proactively identify the members that will have the greatest impact on CAHPS and how to best engage them.

Keep more members.

Retaining members is critical to plan success and member acquisition is costly. Through proactive identification of members that will likely voluntarily disenroll from the plan, we help our clients craft impactful engagement strategies that boost member loyalty.

  • 5 out of 8

    CAHPS measures improved annually

  • 23%

    average reduction in annual VD

  • 21:1

    average ROI delivered

Identify the right members.

Gauging individual member happiness and engagement is time consuming and resource-intensive. Our machine learning and AI platform make targeting the right members easy and efficient. We deliver member-level risk scores for all CAHPS measures and voluntary disenrollment.

Keep them engaged and satisfied.

Perception is reality. With the right tools and engagement strategy, member perception and experience can be rapidly improved and maintained. Through proactive, micro-targeted communications and barrier specific scripting, we empower our clients to shift and sustain member sentiment and satisfaction.


An actionable member summary that supercharges engagement.

OurOpus Member Services delivers an at-a-glance view of a member’s historical experiences and predicted future behavior, enabling health plans to rapidly act upon critical intelligence.

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