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Provider-Driven Member Experience Program

Provider enablement for CAHPS & member experience.

Enable Action

A clear, action-oriented path to success.

Providers are key influencers in year-round member experience improvement. Improved patient-provider relationships result in improved patient experience, and better health outcomes for patients.

Arm them with the information they need to proactively address patient challenges around quality of care, access to care, and associated outcomes.

Give providers access to manageable, analytic-driven member-level engagement lists, complete with concrete recommendations designed to make a difference.

Create Awareness

Highlight patient experience opportunities for every provider.

Establish a glidepath for greater accountability by raising awareness among providers of potentially negative responses from their patients.

Decision Point Patient Experience Scorecards are powered by plan-administered survey data in tandem with holistic predictive analytics to present an expected performance analysis that drives action.

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Identify Key Influencers

Prioritize efforts by focusing on high impact providers.

Identify providers that carry the largest volume of membership with the likelihood of undesirable future outcomes and the highest impact on health plan CAHPS ratings.

Focusing efforts on the providers that are having the greatest impact on member experience enables health plans to quickly make forward progress within the panels that matter most.

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