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Medicare Star Optimization

Decision Point enables Medicare plans to improve Star performance by using “big data” methodologies to predict member and provider engagement behavior, understand their barriers to engagement, and deliver the right message with the right channel to members that need it most.  Learn More

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Retention & Satisfaction Solutions

Improving retention and satisfaction requires an in-depth understanding of member behavior and the factors that influence decision-making. For health plans to be successful in changing behavior and improving retention, it is critical that they tackle these behavioral factors head-on, and for member communications and interventions to be personalized, targeted and efficient. Learn More

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Quality Improvement Solutions

Improving quality ratings across HEDIS, HOS and other measure sets requires not only an in-depth understanding of member behavior and the factors that influence decision-making, but also an ability to coordinate outreach across multiple measures, and delivering efficient communications that target behavior change across measures. Learn More

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Medication Adherence Solutions

Because of mounting evidence that medication non-adherence is associated with higher costs of care and adverse clinical outcomes, medication adherence programs are a critical component of any quality improvement plan. To improve medication adherence, plans must understand how a member’s clinical, consumer and engagement profile relates to sustained compliance and adherence. Learn More

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Improving HOS and CAHPS Performance

Improving HOS and CAHPS scores can be challenging: plans typically either blanket the population with communications about these issues, or indirectly address them through newsletter communications. While these approaches can provide incremental gains for these measures, it does not provide the necessary intensity and personalization to address these issues head-on, and provide the right services to members that need them the most. Learn More