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The key to improving retention and lowering voluntary disenrollment is not only targeting members that are at highest risk for disenrollment, but also communicating with these members by directly addressing their barriers to engagement, and using communication channels that are most effective in changing behavior.

Decision Point has helped Medicare Advantage, Special Needs, Medicaid and Exchange Plans to improve retention by pinpointing high risk members and delivering personalized, impactful communications.

Decision Point has developed a highly-effective and scalable way to predict voluntary disenrollment and satisfaction. The model is designed to use a variety of different data inputs including member enrollment history, clinical profiles, health-seeking behavior, utilization patterns, physician relationships, member engagement, social/economic profiles and many other factors. Not all data elements are required, but additional data not only boosts accuracy, but also provides valuable insights on potential behavior.

Decision Point has delivered consistent and sustained results by helping plans target the right members with the right message at the right time.



Results & Outcomes

Deploying Decision Point’s models and methods yield’s significant and sustained outcomes, including:

  • 20%-25% improvement in disenrollment rates annually for Medicare members;
  • 15% improvement in disenrollment rates annually, and a 10% improvement in recertification rates for Medicaid members; and,
  • 12% improvement in disenrollment rates annually for Exchange members.


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