Data Ingestion

We're data agnostic: we'll use as much data as is available

  • We get the most out of your data with the least impact on your organization
  • Secure transmission and data storage, including de-identification of member data
  • Rapid startup and streamlined production processes minimize the impact on your IT organization
  • Eligibility
  • Medical Claims
  • Pharmacy Claims
  • Laboratory Claims
  • Consumer Data
  • Survey Data
  • HEDIS Results
  • ico-server SFTP
  • ico-lock Secure Data
Decision Point Environment
  • ico-server-2 Dedicated
    File Server
  • ico-data-2

Predictive Modeling

Identify members who are not going to engage

  • We blend a series of mathematical and machine learning modeling techniques that best fit the nature of the outcomes that we’re predicting
  • Context sensitive data partitioning improves predictions and scalability
  • Multi-model, ensemble-based machine learning algorithms optimize predictive accuracy

Micro Segmentation

Identify what's causing those members not to engage

  • Micro-segmentation and clustering to identify engagement barriers and the actionable characteristics of members to facilitate personalized communications
  • Advanced segmentation and clustering of members into personas based on prior member experience.

Outreach & Response Optimization

Identify which members should be targeted and how to communicate with them

  • Align messaging and channel recommendations to increase the likelihood of each person’s response and behavior change
  • Outreach messaging (script) assignment aligned with member behavioral influencers
  • Outreach channel intensity recommendations aligned to use the least intensive channel that will influence engagement

Campaign Orchestration

Identify which members should be targeted and how to communicate with them

  • Focused from the bottom up on targeting members from cycle to cycle that will maximize your engagement return with your available resources.
  • Cross/multi-measure optimization to directly and indirectly boost the impact of every recommended contact you make
  • Uplift modeling and analysis to continuously improve targeting with right messaging and channel intensity.

Platform Dashboard

Visualize population characteristics, actions and impact

  • Access to actionable and insightful dashboards
  • Simple data visualization  to draw conclusions and identify actionable segments
  • Reporting on return on investment and outreach impact

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