Why You Should Care About Healthcare Engagement Analytics

healthitoutcomesIt’s an accepted truth that a strong doctor-patient relationship is essential for effective healthcare. Healthcare engagement is the emotional, financial, physical, and social involvement or commitment a patient has with the healthcare ecosystem. So, when someone asks why should we care about healthcare engagement? The answer is simple: because it impacts every area of a healthcare system – from the patient’s physical health to the financial health of an organization.
Evidence of engagement with the healthcare system manifests itself in many different ways. For finance, it affects voluntary disenrollment from the health plan, satisfaction, appeals and grievances. For individual health and wellbeing, it is evident in the lifestyle choices and preventive care people adopt. For the healthcare delivery system, engagement can determine provider selection, satisfaction and out-of-network use. In clinical care, engagement is manifested in compliance – adherence to care plans, recommendations and prescriptions, as well as secondary and tertiary prevention. Clearly, benefits exist to getting engagement right.

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