Population Health for Medicare, Medicaid & Duals

Deploying “Big Data”-Enriched Population Health Programs: Findings & Case Studies

Alexandria, VA, June 7, 2016 – At its core, population health management is simple: it’s a group of activities designed to improve health outcomes by impacting the clinical, socio-economic, and behavioral determinants of those outcomes. In other words, population health management is about improving health and minimizing the need for expensive interventions.

Currently most health plan strategies around population health, quality improvement, and member engagement are designed to target the very sick and/or target compliance with evidence-based guidelines. Though these approaches provide incremental improvement in outcomes, they are inefficient and do not produce a sustained, population-level impact on quality, loyalty, and utilization. In this session Mr. Aminzadeh discusses ways to deploy a population health management strategy using the concepts of “engagement risk” and “micro-segmentation” – concepts that are used to prioritize members and outcomes based on their potential impact, and deliver personalized communications to members to overcome their barriers to engagement.

The session will cover a broad, but focused, range of concepts including member domain-specific risk identification, member prioritization, member interventions/routing, and outcomes measurement/reporting.

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