Medicare Market Innovations

Using “Big Data” to Improve Engagement, Retention & Satisfaction

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 13, 2016 – In his session, “Using ‘Big Data’ to Improve Engagement, Retention & Satisfaction”, Mr. Aminzadeh will focus on using Engagement Analytics – healthcare analytics designed to understand and improve a member’s engagement with the health system – to improve members’ experience with the health plan. Mr. Saeed Aminzadeh, CEO of Decision Point, will describe the actionable factors that influence retention and satisfaction, and how plans have been able to leverage these factors to improve performance.

One of the greatest challenges facing Medicare Advantage plans in the context of Star is engaging members and sustaining member engagement over time.  A member’s engagement with the healthcare delivery system, health plan and their own care determines their satisfaction and loyalty with the plan.   Members that visit their doctor, get their preventive screenings and call into the health plan’s call center are much more likely to stay with the plan than members that don’t.  Big data engagement analytics enables plans to identify behavioral risk for each member and deliver personalized communications that address a member’s specific barriers to engagement.

In this session, Mr. Aminzadeh will explore case studies on how plans have been able to use engagement analytics to lower voluntary disenrollment and improve member satisfaction.

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