Population Health for Medicare Medicaid & Duals

Deploying a Holistic Member Engagement Strategy

Arlington, VA, June 6, 2017 – To consistently yield positive outcomes across disparate performance metrics, plans must move from silo-ed engagement approaches to a holistic, 360 approach designed to address and overcome barriers and improve outcomes.

A simple as this may sound, it requires change: changes to the types of data available for members, the approach to member interventions, and most importantly to the health plan’s philosophy and internal, departmental-level responsibility of impacting multiple outcomes.

In this session, Mr. Aminzadeh will discuss how plans have deployed a holistic member engagement approach as part of their population health strategy. This includes:

  • Understanding and predicting every facet of a member’s health experience
  • Balancing, targeting and engaging members that are at greatest risk for undesirable, disparate outcomes
  • Cross-departmental responsibilities for outcomes and execution

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