Holistic Engagement & Propensity Modeling

Holistic Engagement & Propensity Modeling: Targeting the Right Members with the Most Impactful Interventions

Scottsdale, AZ, September 13-14, 2017 –

To consistently yield positive outcomes across disparate performance metrics, plans must move from silo-ed engagement approaches to a holistic, 360 approach designed to overcome barriers and improve outcomes.

In this session, Mr. Aminzadeh will discuss how plans have deployed a holistic member engagement approach as part of their care management strategy. This includes:

  • Understanding and predicting every facet of a member’s health experience
  • Targeting and engaging members that are at greatest risk for undesirable outcomes
  • Balancing a member’s predicted receptivity to interventions with their predicted utilization behavior & their holistic member profile
  • Matching members with existing or planned interventions
  • Creating a “test and learn” environment to promote continuous improvement

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