Medication Adherence Solutions Sustained improvement in adherence with targeting & barrier identification


Members who don’t take their recommended medications have higher costs of care and adverse clinical outcomes. Also, medication adherence measures constitute three critical, highly weighted Medicare Star measures. Decision Point’s models predict medication adherence so plans can deploy resources efficiently to boost adherence rates and encourage the right members to stay adherent.

A simple refill reminder is enough for lower risk members while more help, education and attention is needed for higher risk members. Moderate risk members (members that are close to the desired PDC rate) provide the greatest opportunity for short-term medication adherence rate gains.

Additionally, members are further segmented by imputing the reasons why they may be at risk for non-adherence, and outreach to these members can be further personalized, directly addressing those reasons and encouraging behavior change.



Results & Outcomes

This approach has resulted in improved and sustainable results:

  • 15% higher medication adherence rates (PDC) annually for diabetes medications
  • 12% boost in medication adherence rates (PDC) annually for cholesterol medications
  • 9% improvement in medication adherence rates (PDC) annually for diabetes medications


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