Talking CAHPS: Science Meets Art

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  • Written by Dan Ready

Join us for a two-part webinar series exploring the science and the art behind last-minute CAHPS outreach

New year, new CAHPS scores. It’s January and you know what that means…CAHPS survey deployment is right around the corner. If you’re concerned about negative survey responses, there’s still time to act and impact your member survey responses.

Join us for a two-part webinar series where we’ll explore the science and art behind last-minute CAHPS improvement engagement strategies that boost CAHPS scores.

The Science: Last Minute CAHPS Outreach

Which members do you engage right before CAHPS?

Join us for a CAHPS focused webinar Wednesday, January 19th at noon EST!

With new members coming on board the plan, the beginning of the year is a difficult time to secure resources for member outreach which poses a challenge for plans hoping to conduct CAHPS improvement in January/February.

Yet, a small number of last-minute calls can make a huge difference in your CAHPS scoring. Which members should be targeted?

In this webinar, we’ll review the science behind finding the members within your population that hold the highest CAHPS value and will be most receptive to a last-minute outreach and dig into the attributes that make up these members, enabling you to locate them within your own population.

This discussion will cover:

  • How you can minimize the time and resources needed to make an impact?
  • What are the attributes that high-impact CAHPS members share?
  • What degree of results can actually be achieved?

Leading the discussion will be Saeed Aminzadeh, CEO of Decision Point who will be joined by Luke Bruneaux, Decision Point’s Director of Data Science.

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The Art: Last-Minute CAHPS Outreach

Push scores higher by using key messaging

Join us for the follow up webinar on Thursday, January 27th at noon EST!

As the saying goes, “it’s not what you say, but how you say it”. We have found time and time again that this rings true for CAHPS. With the ever-increasing emphasis on member experience and CAHPS, communicating with members in the right way is critical to success.

This webinar will break down the art of refined member communication, which is even more vital when reaching out to members to improve plan perception in January/February.

We will cover messaging that helps to ensure the desired results from your last-minute CAHPS outreach campaigns.

Key topics:

  • Using the right language and tone within your last-minute CAHPS improvement campaigns
  • Simple and effective live call scripts that track at over a 90% positive sentiment
  • Mailer messaging and creative content that instills positive plan perception
  • Measured results / what to expect

The discussion will be led by Andrew Whitman, Decision Point’s VP of Customer Success who will be joined by Decision Point CEO, Saeed Aminzadeh.

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