December 01, 2022

Medical Mutual & Decision Point to Present at Medicare Stars & QA East 2022

Mark Pencek, Vice President, Customer Experience at Medical Mutual, is teaming up with Decision Point CEO, Saeed Aminzadeh on December 6th for a CAHPS & member experience focused presentation at the 8th annual Medicare Star Ratings and Quality Assurance Summit in Tampa, Florida.

Session Overview

Charting a Path to 5-Star CAHPS: Challenges, Strategies, and Lessons Learned

  • Engaging Members: Building an effective CAHPS engagement timeline across the year to elevate CAHPS scores and improve the member experience
  • All Hands On Deck: Pulling together key influencers across domains to break down silos and establish a cohesive approach
  • Creating CAHPS Transparency: Deploying machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify the members that will have the greatest impact on your CAHPS scores
  • Just-in-Time: Identifying the members that will have the greatest impact on CAHPS if surveyed and building a multi-faceted pre-CAHPS engagement strategy around the findings
  • All-the-Time: Turning every planned member outreach into a CAHPS and member experience improvement opportunity to become a CAHPS-centric organization

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