Improving Pop Health: Identifying & Taking Action on Social Determinants of Health

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  • Written by Saeed Aminzadeh

Becker's Hospital Review

Gauging overall health is more than just understanding a person’s disease history and healthcare utilization patterns. There’s so much more that makes up a person’s attitudes, motivations and behaviors related to their health, and to truly impact the health of an individual, we need to know as much as possible about the person. To excel at population health, we need to know as much as possible at an immense scale.

Blending insights gleaned from traditional claims and clinical data with insights from consumer data and survey data provides us with a more focused view of an individual’s predicted future behavior, and their barriers and motivations to improved health.

The key to all this, however, is to make the data actionable and straightforward to use. With so much data available from disparate data sources, how can we distill what’s important and incorporate it in our day-to-day conversations with patients and members. More importantly, how can this data be used in a way to improve the health of populations?

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