CAHPS: Approaches to Taking Action on the New King of Star

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  • Written by Karen Pierce

January 27th at the 4th annual, virtual, Medicare Advantage Leadership Innovations

Join us on January 27th for a virtual session on CAHPS lead by Decision Point CEO, Saeed Aminzadeh. The session is free to attend for all hospital and health plan employees and you can register by clicking here.

The session will focus on:

  • By 2023, CAHPS and member experience will account for over 50% of CMS Star Ratings and become the single most important Star measure grouping
  • CAHPS season is fast approaching with surveys being deployed in under two months: what you can do now to make an impact
  • Understanding how member experience and clinical behavior are intertwined
  • Devising strategies and processes that enable us to excel at CAHPS while also impacting other Star measures