Achieving 5-Star CAHPS: Transparency, Engagement and Outcomes

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  • Written by Karen Pierce

December 8th at the Seventh Annual Medicare Star Ratings and Quality Assurance Summit

Join us on December 8th for a virtual session led by Decision Point’s Director of Analytics, Lisette Roman. The presentation will feature tried and true strategies for acheiving a 5-Star CAHPS rating.

The session is free to attend for all hospital and health plan employees! You can register here.

The presentation will cover:

  • Creating CAHPS Transparency: Deploying machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify the members that will have the greatest impact on your CAHPS scores
  • Engaging Members: Building an effective CAHPS engagement timeline across the year to elevate CAHPS scores and improve the member experience
  • Engaging Providers: Identifying which providers are caring for your negative CAHPS raters to activate collaborative CAHPS and member experience efforts
  • Measuring Outcomes: Setting a process to analyze CAHPS and member experience intervention results for sustained improvement

We hope to see you there!