A Shift In Measuring 'True' Provider Performance


A Shift In Measuring 'True' Provider Performance

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  • Written by Health IT Outcomes

By Brian Heacox, Product Manager at Decision Point, Health IT Outcomes

Measuring provider performance is complex. The analytics required to produce valid and reliable metrics is challenging. Using those metrics to make a tangible impact on outcomes is even harder.

To date, healthcare organizations have focused most of their provider-focused analytics on cost and utilization, quality and operations-based metrics, and have delivered those profiles of physician performance to providers attempting to highlight opportunities for improvement. Though the analytics driving initiatives have solid underpinnings, efforts to improve outcomes have been sporadic and hard to measure.

In order to measure true provider performance and deliver actionable feedback, we, as analysts, need to fundamentally shift in the way we analyze provider performance and realign the expectations and responsibilities for performance improvement…

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