A CAHPS-Centric Approach to Holistic Member Engagement | Miami, FL

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  • Written by Karen Pierce

December 3-5 at the fifth annual Medicare Star Ratings Summit in Miami, FL

Saeed Aminzadeh will be presenting the benefits to a CAHPS-centric apporach to holistic member engagement and medicare Star improvement at the fifth annual Medicare Star Ratings & Quality Assurance Summit in Miami, FL held on December 3-5.

CAHPS measures are not stand-alone concepts. A member’s perception of access and satisfaction significantly impacts their health, health-seeking behavior and their attitude towards the plan. How can plans deploy a CAHPS-centric approach to improving performance across multiple measures and targeting multiple outcomes without over-communicating with members? Can plans be effective in orchestrating impactful, yet efficient, member-centric outreaches spanning multiple domains?

In this session, Mr. Aminzadeh will discuss approaches to improving overall CAHPS performance while also impacting other critical metrics such as reduction in voluntary disenrollment, and improvement in quality, adherence and utilization.

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