Decision Point for Exchange Engage members through precision targeting and personalized communications to motivate and educate


Exchange plans must engage their members. Unengaged members are less likely to get preventive screenings, more likely to disenroll, and ultimately cost more due to avoidable ER visits and hospitalizations. These issues are compounded because Exchange members generally have “less rich” benefits than Medicare and Medicaid members.

The key is to engage these members through precision targeting and personalized communications designed to motivate and educate.  We target the members in need of outreach, in areas such as compliance with screenings and guidelines, utilization of healthcare services, chronic condition management, continuity of care, and retention.

Our approach is based on predictive analytics, member segmentation and personalized communication.

We predict member behavior in any area or measure where you need to move the needle, or across all areas or measures.  We target members in need of outreach, segment the members based on their barriers and motivations, and determine the right channel for outreach. If we’re tackling multiple measures and domains, our population health management approach prioritizes communications to areas where the member needs the most help to lower member abrasion and improve efficiency.  Finally, we provide the precise language and scripts to yield successful and sustained member behavior change.



Results & Outcomes

Decision Point’s Medicare approach produces results. Our clients:

Keep more members

  • Member engagement efforts led by our models resulted in 12% improvement in disenrollment rates annually;

Boost HEDIS performance

  • Our solution improved HEDIS performance by an average of 15% annually

Reduce ER visits

  • Our solution lowered emergency room visits by 5% annually


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